Top Tips: Keeping Your New Fencing Looking Great

In the summer months your new fence will look great without any treatment as its brand new and has not faced the harshness of winter yet. Today our top tip for keeping your fence looking great all year round is to treat it to some preservative or wood stain.

From experience the best way to keep your fence looking good is to paint your fence with either a clear wood stain or a colour of your choice as this will prolong the life of the wood itself. What it does is provide the wood with a thin protective layer against water which can cause real issues when it freezes. The more waterproof your fence is, the better, as it will not allow for water to seep in and then expand when it freezes causing cracks and weakness.

There are many wood stains and preservative products available on the market these days from most DIY stores and all are generally good and will do the job.

At Able Fencing if you are buying your new fences with us we will give you the option to have your fence treated before it is even installed. This saves mess and time as we can paint the fence off site on our own premises in Lymm and then when the fence arrives on site it is fully dry and hassle free ready to be installed.

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